2017 Solar Eclipse Bus Tickets

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Join us on Monday, August 21, as we travel by deluxe motorcoach to Hopkinsville, Kentucky, to observe one of Mother Nature’s rare occurances.  This small Kentucky town has been identified as the “point of greatest eclipse” for the 2017 Great American Total Solar Eclipse.

 While Hopkinsville is the nearest town, and where many spectators from around the world will view the eclipse, the “point of the greatest eclipse” is just a short distance from town in rural Christian County, where NASA and many other national organizations and media outlets will be set up to document and broadcast the eclipse. We have been able to secure a private location at the Casey Jones Distillery, just a mile from that location on the day of the eclipse.

 We have charter coaches that will be departing from Indianapolis, Bloomington, Nashville, Jeffersonville and Corydon, Indiana in the early hours of August 21. They will travel to Christian County, Kentucky, to experience this rare event of nature.  Your $59.00 ticket includes round-trip transportation in a deluxe motor coach, breakfast snack and beverages while en-route, private viewing area near the site where NASA will be documenting the event, access to the facilities and food vendors at the Casey Jones Distillery for the entire day, along with a pair of eclipse viewing glasses for use during the eclipse.

The eclipse itself will begin at 11:51 a.m. This is when the point of first contact is predicted, and the eclipse will last until 2:56 p.m. The total eclipse will occur at 1:24 p.m. and from our point of view in Christian County, “full totality” will last for two minutes and forty seconds.

We have a limited number of seats on the coaches departing from each location and tickets for the private viewing area at the Casey Jones Distillery.  For additional information please call (800) 448-5728 or email sales@travelfe.com

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Scheduled Departure Information:

*All coaches depart on Monday, August 21, 2017

Indianapolis, IN  –  12:30 a.m.     Sodrel Truck Lines – 1310 S. West St, Indianapolis, IN

Nashville, IN  –  12:30 a.m.     Location To Be Announced

Bloomington, IN  –  1:15 a.m.   Indiana Memorial Union

1:30 a.m.   McNutt Residence Hall

1:45 a.m.   K-Mart West – 3175 W 3rd St.

Jeffersonville, IN  –  1:15 a.m.     Sodrel Truck Lines – 1 Sodrel Drive, Jeffersonville, IN

Corydon, IN  –  2:00 a.m.     Harrison County Discovery Center  –  233 N Capitol Ave, Corydon, IN