Bloomington Schedule


NOTICE — Effective February 1, 2014 Bloomington passengers will arrive and depart from Zone 1 in the Ground Transportation Center.  Directional signs can be found at the airport.

On the Bloomington to Indianapolis route we have 9 daily departures.
Bloomington Pickup points are at;

Cardinal Fitness Center/Smallwood  
475 N College Ave., Bloomington, IN 47404

* Bus picks up in front of the building on Walnut Street at the bus shelter.

Hilton Garden Inn 
245 N College Ave., Bloomington, IN  47404

* Bus picks up on the north side of the hotel at the corner of College and 7th Street.

Indiana Memorial Union
900 E 7th, 47405

* Bus picks up in the circle drive at the entrance to the Indiana Memorial Union Hotel.

Eigenmann Hall
1900 E 10th St, Bloomington, IN 47406

>* Bus picks up in the drive area at the front entrance to the buidling on 10th Street.

Read Hall
125 S Jordan Ave, Bloomington, IN 47406

* IMPORTANT – Due to road construction on Jones Avenue the boarding location has been moved.  The bus will pick up at the drive on the north side of the building near the parking garage.  The bus stops at the door leading to Curry 3.

McNutt Hall
1101 N Fee Ln, Bloomington, IN 47406

* Bus picks up at the front entrance drive to McNutt on Fee Lane.

Hampton Inn
2100 N walnut St, Bloomington, IN 47404

* Bus picks up at the front door to the lobby.

Depart Bloomington to Indy Airport

Smallwood/Cardinal Fitness Hilton Garden Inn IMU Eigenmann Read  McNutt  Hampton Inn  Arrive Indy Airport
4.15AM 4.20AM 4.30AM 4.40AM 4.45AM 4.55AM 5.00AM 6.10AM
6.15AM 6.20AM 6.30AM 6.40AM 6.45AM 6.55AM 7.00AM 8.10AM
8.15AM 8.20AM 8.30AM 8.40AM 8.45AM 8.55AM 9.00AM 10.10AM
10.15AM 10.20AM 10.30AM 10.40AM 10.45AM 10.55AM 11.00AM 12.10PM
12.15PM 12.20PM 12.30PM 12.40PM 12.45PM 12.55PM 1.00PM 2.10PM
2.15PM 2.20PM 2.30PM 2.40PM 2.45PM 2.55PM 3.00PM 4.10PM
4.15PM 4.20PM 4.30PM 4.40PM 4.45PM 4.55PM 5.00PM 6.10PM
6.15PM 6.20PM 6.30PM 6.40PM 6.45PM 6.55PM 7.00PM 8.10PM
8.15PM 8.20PM 8.30PM 8.40PM 8.45PM 8.55PM 9.00PM 10.10PM

Depart Indy Airport to Bloomington

Depart Indy Airport Hampton Inn McNutt Eigenmann Read IMU  Hilton Garden Inn  Smallwood/C. Fitness
6.20AM 7.25AM 7.35AM 7.45AM 7.50AM 7.55AM 8.00AM 8.05AM
8.20AM 9.25AM 9.35AM 9.45AM 9.50AM 9.55AM 10.00AM 10.05AM
10.20AM 11.25AM 11.35AM 11.45AM 11.50AM 11.55AM 12.00PM 12.05PM
12.20PM 1.25PM 1.35PM 1.45PM 1.50PM 1.55PM 2.00PM 2.05PM
2.20PM 3.25PM 3.35PM 3.45PM 3.50PM 3.55PM 4.00PM 4.05PM
4.20PM 5.25PM 5.35PM 5.45PM 5.50PM 5.55PM 6.00PM 6.05PM
6.20PM 7.25PM 7.35PM 7.45PM 7.50PM 7.55PM 8.00PM 8.05PM
8.20PM 9.25PM 9.35PM 9.45PM 9.50PM 9.55PM 10.00PM 10.05PM
10.20PM 11.25PM 11.35PM 11.45PM 11.50PM 11.55PM 12.00AM 12.05AM