Lafayette Schedule


On the Lafayette to Indianapolis route we have 9 daily departures.
In West Lafayette our pickup locations are;

Follettes Purdue West Bookstore
1400 W State St, West Lafayette, IN 47906

* Bus departs from the side walk by the front door of the book store.

Tarkington hall
1165 W Stadium Dr, West Lafayette, IN 47906

* Bus departs from the corner near the tennis courts of Martin Jischke Drive and Stadium Drive.  Please note the bus is unable to wait for passengers beyond the scheduled departure time.

Purdue Memorial Union
101 N grant St, West Lafayette, IN 47906

* Bus departs from the entrance to the Purdue Memorial Union Hotel.

Courtyard by Marriott
150 Fairington Ave, Lafayette, IN 47905

* Bus departs from the entrance of the hotel.

Depart Lafayette to Indy Airport

Follets Purdue West Tarkington Hall Memorial Union Courtyard by Marriott Arrive Indy Airport
4.20AM 4.25AM 4.35AM 4.55AM 6.10AM
6.20AM 6.25AM 6.35AM 6.55AM 8.10AM
8.20AM 8.25AM 8.35AM 8.55AM 10.10AM
10.20AM 10.25AM 10.35AM 10.55AM 12.10PM
12.20PM 12.25AM 12.35PM 12.55PM 2.10PM
2.20PM  2.25PM 2.35PM 2.55PM 4.10PM
4.20PM 4.25PM 4.35PM 4.55PM 6.10PM
6.20PM 6.25PM 6.35PM 6.55PM 8.10PM
8.20PM 8.25PM 8.35PM 8.55PM 10.10PM

Depart Indy Airport to Lafayette

Depart Indy Airport Courtyard by Marriott Memorial Union Tarkington Hall Follets Purdue West
6.20AM 7.35AM 8.00AM 8.05AM 8.10AM
8.20AM 9.35AM 10.00AM 10.05AM 10.10AM
10.20AM 11.35AM 12.00PM 12.05PM 12.10PM
12.20PM 1.35PM 2.00PM 2.05PM 2.10PM
2.20PM 3.35PM 4.00PM 4.05PM 4.10PM
4.20PM 5.35PM 6.00PM 6.05PM 6.10PM
6.20PM 7.35PM 8.00PM 8.05PM 8.10PM
8.20PM 9.35PM 10.00PM 10.05PM 10.10PM
10.20PM 11.35PM 12.00PM 12.05PM 12.10PM